Philippines behind all the beauty

 (not mine, credits goes to the rightful owner)

I watched #camerajuan last night and realized the state our nation was in. Its dreadful to see that our nation is still suffering from the same problem and our government still doesn't have the solution. Poverty rising and one of the most corrupt country and we made it to the rank of being one of the most progressed country? Cant believe it (they must be doing some magic tricks), still I can see children begging for alms, people having no homes and several jobless people looking for decent work. Lets face it, I , i mean we have been oblivious to our surroundings that it almost comes to the point that we didn't care about what was happening around us. Its sad to say that people above us who are supposedly there to help are the ones taking advantages and are corrupting making our society poorer and vulnerable and them? Richer and powerful. There are many issues that haven't been resolved by our government but we're still hoping that someday, maybe someday it will be solved. 

(not mine, credits goes to the rightful owner)
But for the brighter side, I'm still glad that there are still people who are willing to help other as much as they can and are really up for the cause, a good cause that will make our country a much better nation. Like what the woman said: " wala sa gobyerno ang kinabukasan nasa tao" and " habang humihinga may pag-asa" Lets pray for the betterment of our country and the people. 

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