Please read this, specially to all filipino citizen

Vote wisely
Hi guys i’m just a 16 yr old girl and since tomorrow is the election day which is May 13 i suggest to those who can vote to please choose your candidates wisely, candidates who can lead us to progression not poverty, i know that those candidates had their own platforms but i was wondering, that after every election their promises,their platforms turns in to lies? Was it all scripted? did they just fooled us? maybe i’m not in the position to say those things coz in the first place i really dont know what are their plans but as a concerned citizen i dont see much changes.
I’m not in an eligible age to vote and maybe i wont vote coz i kept on thinking that there’s still no use, i will vote for the right people but the corrupt ones won these positions because of what? MONEY! they won coz they buy the peoples votes, dang!! 
so please guys vote for the ones you think is deserving for the position.
p.s. i just saw this on facebook but try to ask yourselves about this:
“Eleksyon na bukas, saan ka? sa TAMANG DAAN? o sa LIMANG DAAN?”
I hope you’ll made the right decision. 

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