Hi mom, 
First I wanted to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my greatest, lovable mom. i have so many things to say to you, mom but i don't want to get too emotional coz i really suck at being one <sobs> okay, so i wanted to say thank you, i know thank you is really not enough for all the sacrifices you did for me but since i'm really broke , all i could give you is a huge thank you, a thousand sorry's and a simple cupcake (since i cant afford to buy an expensive cake) for my first gift, i wanted to say thank you, thank you for all the things you did for me, guiding and supporting me through out my journey, you've witness all my downfalls and my achievements but you've never judge me whenever i failed, you've never ask for more or forced me to achieve greater or better, you only settled and happy  for what i can do, what i had achieved and i'm really thankful for that. I'm also blessed to  have you as my mom coz you really do know that i'm spoiled , you give me everything i want yet i've always been your headache.We really had alot of misunderstanding for the past years and im really sorry for it. Mom im really sorry for being such a disappointment but i really promise to behave and be a good daughter. and i gave you my thousand apologies for my bad behavior. Lastly my cupcake :") , i really bought it for you mom, coz i really cant make a letter. after all i'm not the 4 yr old katrina who always wrote letters to you showing her affection and since i'm really grown up it has been hard for me showing my affections for you and i cant even say i love you or greet you happy mothers day without laughing, but mom beside my hysterical laughter i really meant it, I LOVE YOU MOM :** i know you wouldn't be able to read this but someday you might or i might show you :)) 
 HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my greatest mom :*

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL MOTHERS out there :)) You guys deserve this day :")


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